Department of Education


  Date: 05/05/2022

All students of Semester VI Batch 2019 may kindly note that the Department of Education will be organising the Criticism Lessons for Semester VI (EDU-602A) students on May 12-13, 2022, at the Seminar Hall, Basement (next to placement cell), IISU, SFS campus.

1) All students are hereby directed to choose a topic of their choice for the Criticism Lesson and notify the same to the subject teacher immediately.

2) The lesson will be made in your TEACHING SUBJECT of this semester only.

3) Each and every student is required to present her lesson as it is mandatory requirement under NCTE norms.

4) Please make sure your lesson diaries and criticism diaries have all your details such as Name, Enrolment Number, Programme (B.A. B.Ed./B.Sc. B.Ed.) with semester, Subject, Batch Number, Topic, Class for which plan is made and Date.

5) In your lesson plan please make sure to include objectives (as per bloom taxonomy with action verbs), evaluation questions, homework and references without fail.

6) The duration of the lesson should not be greater than 20-30 minutes. You may choose any class between classes 6-10.

7) Please read your own plan and correct all spelling errors.

8) Your work should be unique. Do not share your plan with everyone.

9) Each student has to prepare the following records for EDU-602A:

i) Five daily lesson plans, Blue print and Achievement test checked and signed by your subject teacher in your lesson diary.

ii) Criticism lesson neatly written in criticism diary.

10) Both lesson diary and criticism diary will be collected on day of criticism exam. 

The break-up of marks will be as follows:

Scheme of Continuous Assessment (CA)

Practical Exam (30%)

(For EDU-602A)

Preparation five lessons (Hard copy in diary)

10 Marks

Delivery of one lesson in teaching subject (Offline)

10 Marks

Preparation and submission of blue print (In diary)

5 Marks

Preparation and submission of achievement test (In diary)

5 Marks


30 Marks



Scheme of Evaluation for Semester End Examination April-May 2022

Practical Exam (70%)

Internal Evaluation

(For EDU-602A)

Course: Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Developing Relationships



40 Marks

(The total aggregate percentage obtained in the course including, all quizzes and assignments completed in the six weeks will be converted to marks out of 40).

Criticism Lesson (Online/Offline)

30 Marks


70 Marks



Batch list with timings will be shared soon. Kindly resolve all your queries with your subject teacher before the exam.


Dr. Aruna Mathur

Head, Department of Education