B.A. B.Ed

B.Sc. B.Ed


PO 1

Students will be able to acquire knowledge in the field of basic sciences, social sciences, literature and humanities.

PO 2

Students will be able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the theories and practices of different disciplines.


PO 3

Students will be able to acquire the ability of effective social interaction.

PO 4

Students will be able to act with an informed awareness of issues through voluntary participation in civic life.


PO 5

Students will be able to acquire the ability of ethical decision making.


PO 6

Students will be able to resolve the issues related to environment and sustainable development.


PO 7

Students will be able to engage in independent and lifelong learning.


PO 8

Students will be able to employ critical thinking, analytical reasoning and the scientific knowledge to design, carry out, record and analyze various aspects of science.


PO 9

Students will be able to appraise the attributes relevant to personal development and social functioning.


PO 10

Students will be able to develop core competencies of written and oral communication, quantitative reasoning, information literacy and critical thinking


PO 11

Students will be able to develop a critical temper, communicate effectively on various activities and make effective presentations.


PO 12

Students will be able to apply the knowledge to the solution of complex problems


Students will be able to apply the knowledge of basic science, life sciences and fundamental sciences to multidisciplinary level.



Students will be able to acquire the ability to engage in independent and self-learning as well as to successfully pursue their career objectives in advanced education and in professional courses.



Students will be able to develop respect for nature by participating in various social and cultural activities voluntarily.



Students will be able to communicate effectively on various scientific issues with the society at large.





Solve classroom problems of secondary school students in a systematic manner.



Analyze experiences of teaching learning situations in order to develop as a reflective practitioner.


Apply educational policies at secondary school.



Select appropriate strategies for achieving the professional goals.



Practice rational action in the teaching learning process for achieving the end results.



Design assessment tools to measure the learning outcomes



Analyze the data gathered from administered tools in order to enhance the teaching learning process



Initiate steps to develop leadership skills among secondary school students.



Manage the classroom at secondary level for achieving the desired learning outcomes.


PSO 10

Evaluate the role of secondary school students as citizen, consumer and environment actor in a complex and interconnected world.


PSO 11

Organize activities for Sustainable development involving secondary School students. 


PSO 12

Apply appropriate teaching techniques, methods, approaches, strategies and devices to achieve desired. learning outcomes


PSO 13

Demonstrate verbal and nonverbal communication skills at secondary schools and in the community.


PSO 14

Apply methods for catering to diversity in secondary level classrooms.





Courses COs PSO 1 PSO 2 PSO 3 PSO 4 PSO 5 PSO 6 PSO 7 PSO 8 PSO 9 PSO 10 PSO 11 PSO 12 PSO 13 PSO 14
EDU 101 CO 1   x                        
  CO 2     x                      
  CO 3         x                  
EDU 201 CO 4     x                      
  CO 5   x                        
  CO 6         x                  
  CO 7       x                    
EDU 301 CO 8                   x        
  CO 9                     x      
  CO 10     x                      
EDU 302 CO 11                       x    
  CO 12                       x    
  CO 13                       x    
EDU 303 CO 14   x                   x    
  CO 15               x       x    
  CO 16                     x      
EDU 401 CO 17                       x    
EDU 402 CO 18                       x    
  CO 19                       x    
EDU 403 CO 20 x                     x    
  CO 21               x     x      
EDU 404 CO 22                       x    
  CO 23             x              
EDU 501A CO 24                       x    
EDU 501B CO 25                       x    
EDU 501C CO 26                       x    
EDU 501D CO 27                       x    
EDU 501E CO 28                       x    
EDU 501F CO 29                       x    
EDU 501G CO 30                       x    
EDU 501H CO 31                       x    
EDU 501I CO 32                       x    
EDU 501J CO 33                       x    
EDU 501K CO 34                       x    
EDU 502 CO 35                       x    
EDU 601A CO 36                       x    
  CO 37                       x    
  CO 38                       x    
EDU 601B CO 39                       x    
  CO 40                       x    
  CO 41                       x    
EDU 601C CO 42                       x    
  CO 43                       x    
  CO 44                       x    
EDU 601D CO 45                       x    
  CO 46                       x    
  CO 47                       x    
EDU 601E CO 48                       x    
  CO 49                       x    
  CO 50                       x    
EDU 601F CO 51                       x    
  CO 52                       x    
  CO 53                       x    
EDU 601G CO 54                       x    
  CO 55                       x    
  CO 56                       x    
EDU 601H CO 57                       x    
  CO 58                       x    
  CO 59                       x    
EDU 601I CO 60                       x    
  CO 61                       x    
  CO 62                       x    
EDU 601J CO 63                       x    
  CO 64                       x    
  CO 65                       x    
EDU 601K CO 66                       x    
  CO 67                       x    
  CO 68                       x    
EDU 602A CO 69                       x    
EDU 602B CO 70                       x    
ERE 700A CO 71   x                        
ERE 700B CO 72               x     x      
  CO 73   x                        
EDU 701 CO 74                       x    
EDU 702 CO 75 x                          
  CO 76   x                        
EDU 703 CO 77                 x          
  CO 78                 x          
  CO 79               x            
EDU 704 CO 80           x                
  CO 81             x              
EDU 705 CO 82   x                        
  CO 83                         x  
EDU 706 CO 84                       x    
  CO 85                       x    
EDU 707 CO 86                           X
  CO 87                           X
EDU 708 CO 88                         x  
EDU 709 CO 89                       x    
  CO 90                       x    
  CO 91                       x    
EDU 801 CO 92                       x    
  CO 93                       x    
  CO 94                       x    
EDU 802 CO 95 x x                        
  CO 96 x                          
EDU 803 CO 97 x                          
  CO 98 x                          
EDU 804 CO 99           x                
  CO 100             X              
EDU 805 CO 101                           x
  CO 102                           x
EDU 806 CO 103   x                        
  CO 104       x                    
EDU 807 CO 105   x                        
  CO 106                       x    
EDU 808A CO 107   x                        
  CO 108 x                          
EDU 808B CO 109 x                          
EDU 808C CO 110 x                          
  CO 111   x                        
EDU 809A CO 112                       x    
EDU 809B CO 113                       x